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Tuesday, May 19 2015
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Forty Vintages Worth

There's a lot to learn in forty vintages.

Of course there's the change in the vines themselves, growing from nimble slender plants to gnarled, burly trunks. There's change in viticultural practices as well, watching the pendulum swing from old school natural tendencies to heavily chemical and controlling and now back to - well - old school natural tendencies. There's the shift in climate too, towards a more 'extreme normalcy'. These past few weeks I've tasted with two winemakers that have grown up with the vines for forty vintages, give or take. Southern France's Gérard Bertrand started with his father in the vineyard when he was ten, and Portugal's David Guimaraens first started working the Douro vines with his father at age eight. Both men, today leading wine visionaries and innovators, turn 50 years old this year. To taste with them comes the rare opportunity to glean 40 years worth of enological imprinting. We will share their insight, and our views on the wines in profiles to be posted soon.

And also soon - the BC shipping deadline for the National Wine Awards of Canada (May 29). Don't miss out BC - we want you in the running. 

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Treve Ring
From the TreveHouseby: Treve Ring
Top Ten for Mother's Day

Top Ten for Mother's Day

When you’re buying a bottle of wine for mom, the sky’s the limit – even if your budget isn’t. I’m sure she’s told you many times – it’s the thought that counts. And mom is right, as always. So whether you’re considering a $15 bottle or a $150 bottle, she’ll appreciate the thought that went into selecting meaningful and delicious wines like our Top Ten for Mother’s Day below. 89  Familia Langa Real de Aragon Cava Brut NV Penedès, Spain         $15 BCLS Yes, there are cheaper Cava out there, but for $15, this is a stellar superstar...
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Allison Spurrell
Cheese Pleaseby: Allison Spurrell
Need cheese, will travel

Need cheese, will travel

I know some people; let’s call them “wine people”. When they travel it’s to “the Napa Valley” not California, and it’s to Burgundy and Alsace, not just France.  They visit wineries, winemakers and wine bars. They visit stores with row upon row of lovely gleaming bottles, with familiar labels that they covet. They buy, and taste and enjoy all the interesting wines their travel destinations have to offer. I’m sure we all might be guilty of having hobbies that take over our travel and vacation destinations...
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Jim Tobler
Tobler's Takeby: Jim Tobler
Ravenswood Founder Joel Peterson

Ravenswood Founder Joel Peterson

The son of two chemists, himself trained as a microbiologist, Joel Peterson may not be the most likely winemaker and brand marketing executive, but that’s how it all shook out. He founded, with then-partner Reed Foster, the Ravenswood winery, in Sonoma. They had a beautiful three-bird logo,  plus a mantra which was  given pride of place on every label, and at the winery door itself; “No Wimpy Wines”. The mantra is a touch misleading, since in fact the zinfandels Peterson made early on, from old-vine plantings, were models of the complex heights zinfandel can reach...
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