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Monday, April 27 2015
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Tasting & Travels Through Spring

As Stuart, Treve and I power through the past few weeks of submissions, we’ll also be posting notes from our recent travels and visits. I’ve just returned from the Okanagan and can assure that vintage 2015 is on par thus far – watch for the first of the 2014s to be published this month. As well, Treve will be posting notes this week on her favourites from the recent Northernlands Wine Festival, Canada’s newest craft wine, beer and spirit festival. While Stuart holds charge of the tasting bench here at GOW headquarters, I’m headed down to California later this week and Treve is off to Chablis, both with full itineraries of visits and stories to share. Speaking of stories, Jim Tobler recently published an article on Sonoma's Ravenswood Winery, and our cheese expert, Allison Spurrell just published a telling article about what leads her travel decisions (easy guess). You can follow our top wine finds and travels on Instagram at GismondiOnWine. Thanks again for visiting Gismondi on Wine where the scores are about the wines, not the reviewers. 


The Spitter


Allison Spurrell
Cheese Pleaseby: Allison Spurrell
Need cheese, will travel

Need cheese, will travel

I know some people; let’s call them “wine people”. When they travel it’s to “the Napa Valley” not California, and it’s to Burgundy and Alsace, not just France.  They visit wineries, winemakers and wine bars. They visit stores with row upon row of lovely gleaming bottles, with familiar labels that they covet. They buy, and taste and enjoy all the interesting wines their travel destinations have to offer. I’m sure we all might be guilty of having hobbies that take over our travel and vacation destinations...
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Jim Tobler
Tobler's Takeby: Jim Tobler
Nevermore? No Way

Nevermore? No Way

The son of two chemists, himself trained as a microbiologist, Joel Peterson may not be the most likely winemaker and brand marketing executive, but that’s how it all shook out. He founded, with then-partner Reed Foster, the Ravenswood winery, in Sonoma. They had a beautiful three-bird logo,  plus a mantra which was  given pride of place on every label, and at the winery door itself; “No Wimpy Wines”. The mantra is a touch misleading, since in fact the zinfandels Peterson made early on, from old-vine plantings, were models of the complex heights zinfandel can reach...
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Treve Ring
From the TreveHouseby: Treve Ring
Malbec World Day

Malbec World Day

Marking its fifth instalment in 2015, Malbec World Day will be celebrated April 17th. While malbec is grown the world over, the day was established by Wines of Argentina to celebrate the country's flagship grape, as well as to raise global awareness about the quality and variety of wines produced by Argentina other than malbec. Though the black, densely flavoured grape is native to the south west of France (you may recall it as one of the six players in the Bordeaux blend), it has fallen steeply in plantings and popularity in France; today the black plum, savoury and tannic wines of Cahors are the main centre for the grape in its native homeland...
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