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Friday, March 20 2015
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Welcome Spring

It’s the first day of spring, but we’ve been spring cleaning for the past week, clearing out a cache of wine reviews and making room for the new releases that start popping up like tulips at this time of year. Expect to see many fresh white and rosé notes posted shortly – our first comprehensive look at the 2014 vintage. I’m just home from ProWein, where 6,000 global producers met to show their wares. Everyone I spoke with is concerned with what is going on with B.C Liquor policy and many top producers are contemplating skipping the market until our government and the trade get their ducks in a row. Closer to home, Treve is headed to Edmonton and Northern Lands next week, the inaugural Canadian craft wine, beer and spirits festival, dedicated to uniting independent producers with Canadian chefs and consumers. She will be joining a panel of international wine judges and leading seminars on Canadian sparkling wine and mythbusting food and wine pairing. If you see her there, say hello. Thanks again for visiting Gismondi on Wine where the scores are about the wines, not the reviewers. 

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Treve Ring
From the TreveHouseby: Treve Ring
Benvenuto Brunello

Benvenuto Brunello

Later this week Vancouver welcomes 22 Tuscan producers here to conduct the annual Benvenuto Brunello trade tasting and masterclass. Like the rolling hills of Tuscany, the melodic Italian language, and the special light that bathes the region, these wines express sense of place. In Montalcino, that expression was first launched in 1843 and strengthen for more than a century before Brunello di Montalcino was accorded Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) status in 1966 and followed that with the country’s first ever Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) designation in 1980...
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Jim Tobler
Tobler's Takeby: Jim Tobler
The Hearth Made Whole

The Hearth Made Whole

Georgette Farkas is bright, attentive to detail, and passionate every step of the way. She had to be, since she was Daniel Boulud’s Communications Director for 18 years or so. She had his confidence, she had his back. That’s why Chef Boulud sent a basket of champagne to her door,  14 West 60th  near Fifth and Madison, the night she opened her very own restaurant, called, appropriately for manifest reasons, Rotisserie Georgette. The restaurant, formerly a kind of retail wedding salon, is spacious, high ceilings, welcoming bar at the front along with lounge seating, all of which gives onto the main dining room, splendid and welcoming in every way...
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Allison Spurrell
Cheese Pleaseby: Allison Spurrell
Shropshire Blue

Shropshire Blue

Before the spring is here in full force, and our thoughts turn to lighter flavours, there is still some time to enjoy a nibble of blue cheese with the last drips of your wine from dinner. Something about the winter weather seems less dreary when you have a chunk of something rich and tasty. One of my favourite choices is Shropshire Blue. This classic from Great Britain has so many things going for it. It is firm looking yet a little creamy on the palate. It is pleasantly salty, but not so much that it is unbalanced. It has big bold flavours, but still manages to accompany other milder cheeses with grace...
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