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Phantom Creek Estate - Next Okanagan

The team at Phantom Creek Estates has set the bar high for themselves and their wines but they seem willing to put in the time and hard work necessary to attain such lofty goals. Funded by the Bai family and lead by Okanagan veteran Ingo Grady we went looking for a glimpse of the Next Okanagan.

Natural Wine Debate - Introduction

What is natural wine? We asked winemakers and experts visiting the Vancouver International Wine Festival.

Natural Wine Debate - Ezra Cipes

Summerhill Pyramid Winery partner Ezra Cipes follows certified biodynamic agriculture standards. His family is leading a movement to make all Okanagan Valley agriculture organic, so he seems like someone who would make natural wine, but he doesn't.

Natural Wine Debate - Nikki Callaway

Natural wine is not an option for Quails’ Gate winemaker Nikki Callaway who feels its unpredictability isn't worth the risk given the high standards expected of her and her well-known wine.

Natural Wine Debate - Jamie Goode

Dr. Jamie Goode, has written several well-known books on wine including Authentic wine: toward natural and sustainable winemaking. With a Phd in Plant Biology, he gives us a more technical description of natural wine.

Natural Wine Debate - David Scholefield

Okanagan Crush Pad consultant David Scholefield provides yet another perspective on the taste of natural wines and whether it can be aged.

Natural Wine Debate - Tobias Busch

According to oenologist Tobias Busch, natural wine is not the focus at St Urbans-Hof, but a product of awareness, discipline and a commitment to caring for the environment.

Natural Wine Debate - Pedro Parra

Comparing playing jazz to making the jump to playing free-form jazz, Chilean-based, terroir expert Pedro Parra believes natural wine should only be made after you have mastered traditional wine making.