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Natural Wine Debate - Jamie Goode

Dr. Jamie Goode, has written several well-known books on wine including Authentic wine: toward natural and sustainable winemaking. With a Phd in Plant Biology, he gives us a more technical description of natural wine.

Natural Wine Debate - David Scholefield

Okanagan Crush Pad consultant David Scholefield provides yet another perspective on the taste of natural wines and whether it can be aged.

Natural Wine Debate - Tobias Busch

According to oenologist Tobias Busch, natural wine is not the focus at St Urbans-Hof, but a product of awareness, discipline and a commitment to caring for the environment.

Natural Wine Debate - Pedro Parra

Comparing playing jazz to making the jump to playing free-form jazz, Chilean-based, terroir expert Pedro Parra believes natural wine should only be made after you have mastered traditional wine making.

Natural Wine Debate - Alberto Antonini

Is wine made naturally better, or worse, than wines made with more intervention? Renowned oenologist Alberto Antonini answers the question.

Trim Episode

Trim the cost is the mantra here because, not everyone can afford premium-priced California Cabernet Sauvignon. Listen to winemaker Ray Signorello explain how he makes an accessible, well-balanced cabernet blend without the sweetners and shortcuts that dominate the California competition at this price point.

Edge – How it’s made

Winemaker Ray Signorello wanted to create a premium Napa Valley red without the premium price. The result is Edge. Find out how Signorello puts together his blend, which he says is you can drink tonight with your dinner.

Fuse Episode

We speak with winemaker Ray Signorello about the latest iteration of Fuse. The fresh new label is a three vineyard Napa Valley blend made under the same exacting standards as his flagship wines and includes some fruit from the 100-acre home property.