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Blandy's Madeira Duke of Clarence Rich

Blandy's Madeira Duke of Clarence Rich NV

Madeira, PortugalPouring a golden brown hue, with notes of salt-roasted nuts, sanded wood and lighter molasses on the nose. The soft palate is overwhelmed by abundant carmelized brown sugar, before coffee, marmalade, sweet tobacco and orange pith brighten. I reckon Duke of Clarence must be the most recognized Madeira the world over? Rich is the fullest category of Madeira, and this softer, simple Rich is accessible to all. A very sweet, historic wine, finishing with a spirited warmth that welcomes fruitcake or gingerbread pudding.Tasted: 17 March 2017Tasted by: Prices: BC 28.99 BCLS ON 25.00 AB 27.00 private wine shops YK 28.00 SK 33.75 SLGA MB 20.00 MLCC Producer: Blandy'sDistributors: The Bacchus Group Inc.
Varietal: Tinta Negra MoleCSPC: 280982UPC: 5010867600027