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Blandy's Alvada 5 Year Old Rich Madeira

Blandy's Alvada 5 Year Old Rich Madeira NV

Madeira, PortugalThis is a new product from the historic Madeira house of Blandy's, and a daring one at that. Breaking from an exclusive mono-varietal tradition, this modern Madeira is a 50/50 blend of malvasia and bual, aged in the traditional cask and loft canteiro system for five years. Potent fruitcake, rancio notes, aged wood, sugared plums, maple syrup coat the round and juicy palate, thankfully lifted with a lime marmalade cut and carried by a smoothed, sweet mid to a fiery, orange-oil finish. Ideal for cocktails. This is ready to drink now, particularly if you're looking for an alternative to youthful tawny Port or sweeter oloroso (and in a pocketable 200ml size).Tasted: 17 March 2017Tasted by: Treve RingPrices: BC 15.00 200 private wine shops Producer: Blandy'sDistributors: The Bacchus Group Inc.
Blend: Malvasia - BualCSPC: 663211