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De Vine Vineyards Moderna Vermouth

De Vine Vineyards Moderna Vermouth NV

Saanich Peninsula, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, CanadaLike most of the spirits distiller Ken Winchester alchemises from his still at De Vine, this vermouth was made for his tastes. The fact that it, and all of his spirits, have seen great success surely says something for Winchester's tastes! They've sold out five runs already, and he is currently making the biggest bottling to date to meet demand. Winchester spent many months researching the history of Vermouth, back to 1786 when the first "recipe" was documented. Winchester did many triails and tests, adapting it to our local environment to see what works. There are 31 botanicals in the blend, striking an herbal-driven balance between bitter & sweet, and allowing it equal ability as an aperitif and a mixer. My bottle of Moderna was from the first run, so I'm keen to taste again one of his latest runs. Golden brown hue, this is warming sweet orange and exotic herbs, lead by wormwood (a German version of the word for 'vermouth'), sarsaparilla, hyssop, cinnamon and nutmeg duskiness and brightened with orange, verbena and a mint hint. A bitter tonic note (cinchona bark) rings on the lingering finish. This goes brilliantly with proper tonic, or suits solo contemplation. Impressive.Tasted: 12 March 2017Tasted by: Treve RingPrices: BC 22.00 375 winery direct Producer: De Vine Vineyards