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Synchromesh Cachola Family Vineyard Cabernet Franc

Synchromesh Cachola Family Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2013

Okanagan Falls, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, CanadaSpiced strawberry jam, raspberry, ample tobacco and brisk mineral salts, in this lighter, fresher cabernet franc. Sweet smoke filters through branchy, ample herbal notes, all centered on a warmer-fruited strawberry jam core. Tasted just upon release, this deserves to be tasted again when settled (and I look forward to doing so).Tasted: 16 March 2017Tasted by: Treve RingPrices: BC 23.00 winery direct Producer: Synchromesh Wines Inc.Distributors: Artisan Food and Beverage Group Inc.
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Varietal: Cabernet FrancCSPC: 613893UPC: 626990144090