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Road 13 Syrah Malbec

Road 13 Syrah Malbec 2015

British Columbia, CanadaThe 2015 Syrah Malbec (tipped with viognier and gamay!) is a thick, sweet, dense, overt affair, with pervading waves of charcoal smoke (2015 was the big forest fire year), rich cassis, blackberry jam on a full palate, one that finishes with a bitter espresso twist. Road 13's characteristic sweet musk violets pervade again here, with the candied pastille jockeying with the smoked peppercorn for final say. The finish is blocky and wood-led, leaving the palate with dark roasted coffee beans. More, is not more.Tasted: 07 July 2017Tasted by: Treve RingPrices: BC 32.00 winery direct, VQA wine shops Producer: Road 13Distributors: Revelry Import Company
Blend: Shiraz - MalbecCSPC: 843995UPC: 626990217305