88/100 Masi Brolo di Campofiorin 1997
Verona, Veneto, Italy
Produced By: Masi Agricola
Distributed By: Authentic Wine and Spirits Merchants

Brolo di Campofiorin is a special selection of Masiís Campofiorin label. The production technique is an ancient vinification system used in Valpolicella and known locally as "refermentation" or "rigoverno". The traditional practice has evolved so that lightly dried whole grapes are now used during the refermentation phase. This second alcoholic fermentation, which lasts some 12-15 days, enriches the wine in alcohol, in colour and tannins. Look for an unusual nose of intense port-y black raspberry licorice and sweaty leather with almond underneath. Similar intense flavours with more spicy cloves and black cherry jam and licorice. Round and balanced and would be perfect with spicy duck or pork.
Last Tasted: 2003-03-09 AG-ST
Prices: BC $32.99 Specialty
CSPC: 583369;   UPC: 8002062001546